Cellphones connected to the internet these days are creating plenty of issues for parents and they are struggling to protect children’s online safety. The kids and teens interact with online predators and social media addiction is the biggest problem among children. Therefore, children over the years have become vulnerable to cyber predators. The contemporary phones connected to the internet enable teens to connect dangerous peoples online, perform inappropriate activities and become obsessed with social messaging apps no time ever before. Now parents can get rid of all the issues by using the best phone tracking app to make sure children’s safety online to the fullest.

What is phone tracking software?

It is the most powerful and world’s No.1 mobile surveillance app that is been developed for the online safety of the children. Parents just need to install it on the children’s devices within no time by getting the license. Its powerful tools likewise screen recording, surround recording, social media logs, GPS tracking, browsing activities and many more enable parents to know kid’s online activities. You can get this particular tool within a reasonable price and then use it on a teen’s phone and navigate its features to stay updated. Their feature enables you to instantly upload the target device information to its online web portal.


Mobile phone tracking tool is the best in the business and it is compatible with contemporary Android devices and remain undetected on the latest version 10 and above.

How to install a phone monitoring app on the kid’s cellphone?

Are you looking forward to making sure the online safety of the children then you should use TheOneSpy? Moreover, get your hands on it and get the subscription online. In addition to that, check your email; you will get the credentials in terms of password and ID. Now instantly get access on the target mobile and complete the setup on the target device. Furthermore, use the credentials and get access to the online control panel where you can get your hands on plenty of robust and state of the art tracking tools given below to protect children online safety.

Use cellphone tracking software powerful Features

Live screen recording

You can get access to the web portal and further activate the screen recorder app and it will start screen tracking. You can use it and record short videos of the screen and send it to the web portal.

Social media logs

Users can get the activity logs of all the instant messaging apps running on the target cellphone. Get the logs in terms of messages, chat, audio chat, video chat, multimedia sharing, and voice messages.

Browsing activities

Get to know about the all visited websites and bookmarked webpages by getting access to a mobile device installed browser.


Remotely capture screenshots of all the activities happen on kids’ devices and schedule multiple ones at once on the target device.


TheOneSpy is the best phone tracking app in the business these days enables parents to protect kid’s online safety.


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