Modern digital marketing, in the present era, is one of the most powerful and competitive industries. It has grown to become more influential over the years and has become something more than just advertisement and product promotion. Due to heightened competitiveness of the market, it needs great insight and creativity to be a good digital marketer. It requires a vast set of skills and competencies in order to excel in the field of digital marketing.

Along with a good sense of market, capability of analytical thinking, and copywriting skills, the technical knowledge about the digital marketing is an important skill that it requires to be a successful marketer. Moreover, the constant technological change and advancement need you to learn things pretty quickly. You need to keep adding new skills and concepts to your skillset in order to survive in the industry. However, you cannot keep going to college to learn everything new that is introduced to the field because it will take up too much time and is not practically possible.

A good way to keep learning new things is through experience and practice. However, you also need to learn through proper channel for having excellence. Taking up online courses is a good way of enhancing your skills. But taking online articles often require you to pay and you cannot be sure if the course will actually teach you something new. There are a few free resources available online but they are mostly for beginners. To resolve this, this article is providing the marketers with a list of online educational sites that offer courses in digital marketing that are worth paying for.

1. Udemy Digital Marketing Course

Udemy offers a good variety of around 500 courses related to digital marketing. These courses focus on teaching business promotion and profit generation. They also offer a Complete Digital Marketing Course for beginners that covers 12 basic courses that include SEO, Facebook, YouTube, Google Adwords, Email Marketing, Google Analytics, and Copywriting. Whether you are a professional or a student, this course will add your skills further.

2. Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course

Simplilearn offers a Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA) course that is designed to assist marketers in every crucial areas of marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, customer conversion optimization, content marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and web analytics.

3. Google Academy for Ads

This online academy offers free courses that consist of AdWord, Programmatic, and DoubleClick. They also offer certifications that can enhance your professional career. You can have a certificate in subjects like AdWords Mobile, AdWords Fundamentals, AdWords Search, and many more.

4. edX Digital Marketing Course

One of the most market demanding courses that can boost your career are available at edX. The courses on edX include omnichannel marketing, social media strategy, and marketing analytics. They also teach customer-centric approaches, and customer retention. In the field of market research, they offer regression analysis, conjoint analysis, and social media analytics.

5. Market Motive’s Digital Marketing Course

Market Movie’s is also one of the top sites for learning digital marketing. The courses on this site are very effective for professional growth as they include email marketing, analytics, social media, SEO, conversion, and PPC.

6. Coursera’s Digital Marketing Course

The beginners in the field of digital marketing can also benefit themselves from the specialization course available at Coursera. This course can be a good introductory course but it is not for learning expertise. It requires self-learning to truly have benefits from this course, but since it is an open platform, there is no harm in choosing it.

These are a few good online courses that can help you keep learning and growing. However, it is necessary to be self-motivated to learn more and keep going. If you are self-motivated to learn then you can learn a lot through surfing educational sites like Wikipedia. Wikipedia can be a good source for quick learning as it offers a wide range of learning including topics like how to create a Wikipedia page and the basic definitions of technical terminologies. So it is a good opportunity for anyone who is motivated to learn new things no matter how little they know about a subject.


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