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I was one of those crazed Apple fans who stood in lines in January to get the newest iPhone (X) model upfront. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I have binged on every Apple product ever since Steve Jobs introduced the first iPod. Initially, the expensive cost of Apple devices seemed an issue. But when I fully got my hands dirty in using them in & out, I didn’t feel sorry about draining my bank balance. At the time I was lucky to get a cheap Spectrum Internet plan. Because I really didn’t want to pay any more than I had to. And after eight full months, I can confidently say that purchasing the iPhone X was a great choice!

In this post, I’m going to focus on the five things that I like the most about this model. I’ve chosen to talk about them because they add a great deal of everyday convenience to my life. And if you’re also an iPhone user, I’m pretty sure that you won’t disagree too much with my assessment.

These features, if I were to put it in a nutshell, totally justify the $1000 price label of the device. But maybe that’s just my opinion.


Five Best Features (or What I Make Them Out to Be!)


And so without any further ado, here is my top 5 features list.

1. Encrypted Lock Screen Notifications
2. The Neat Portrait Selfie Mode
3. Advanced Face ID
4. Instant ‘Wake Up’ Mode
5. Smooth App-switching Interface

I’ve detailed my personal take on each of these points below.


Encrypted Lock Screen Notifications


I have a lot of respect for Apple’s engineers for including this privacy protection feature. Because as a female librarian, there are a lot of times when I feel the need to hide my messages. And this was always a problem with the earlier phone models that I used. Whenever I received a message, I was forced to hide the screen with the palm of my hand. Because there always the chance that the nosy people I worked with would catch a peak.

With the iPhone X, the lock screen doesn’t display the full message along with the sender’s name. Instead, it shows a garbled-up version with only the sender’s name.

The text only becomes unencrypted when you look at the screen. This causes the phone’s Facial ID service to kick in and unlock it.

Without you having to lift so much as a finger!


The Portrait Selfie Mode


Being a millennial, I have always been fascinated by my generation’s selfie-taking craze. And so I take a lot of personal snapshots everywhere that I go. Be it a new restaurant, salon, bar, or outdoors sporting place. And the more my face features into the snap, the better! Yes, I am a closet narcissist in this way.

The portrait selfie mode on the iPhone X, however, completely blew me away. Because by turning it on, all my selfies turned into professionally-taken ‘lighting’ shots. And the resolution continues to be so good that you can actually print the photo out for use as a wall hanging.

Just be sure to take your portrait selfies against the sun, so that you get some decent natural lighting.


Advanced Facial ID Scanning


iPhone X’s Face ID recognition system is the most sophisticated of any iPhone model. When the phone first came out, I did a lot of experimentation with this feature. And the experience proved to be stellar on every count.

In one of my tests, I even placed my iPhone screen-side up on the furthest corner of my bed. And it still managed to detect my face from this distance. Something which goes to show that all of Apple’s grand claims pertaining to their Facial ID tech are on point!
For which the brand deserves some credit.


Instant ‘Wake Up’ Mode


By simply tapping on the phone screen, you can activate it. This feature has been inspired by Android phone models. And it is great for all those times when you simply need your phone on the alert. Instantly.

I find this feature the most useful in the mornings – immediately after I wake up from sleep. With a single tap, the screen disables the ringing alarm, displays the time, and reveals any unread messages.


Smooth App Switching Experience


This is another soon-to-be classic example of a feature that provides a lot of convenience. Now instead of just having to open every app one by one, you can simply tilt your device sideways. This loads the app that you were working on previously in full-screen mode. Which makes your user-experience all the more fun when you’re out on a road trip.

Recently, I was out on a sojourn down south to Alabama. One of my hands was occupied with my car’s steering wheel, while the other dabbled with the Apple Maps app. My Spectrum Voice data plan provided the 4G internet connectivity, along with the background music to keep me company. And it didn’t take long before I arrived at my destination. Without any unfortunate incidents having taken place along the way; occurrences which are all too common in my life. All thanks to my overly-preoccupied mind!


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