You will soon take the plunge to join the camp of married couples. And proudly display small jewels that will testify officially: the famous alliances. Rings that will symbolize your union and whose life will be as long as that of your love story. A reason more than enough not to choose them lightly, quickly or on a whim.

To accompany you in this pretty task, we went to take a little lesson with jewelry pros for days J: GOLD OF THE WORLD. He has meticulously briefed us on all that is imperative to know to get his hands on the covenants of his dreams. We send you their precious advice.

1. See far

Keep in mind that you will wear your wedding jewelry daily and during, we wish you, very long. To avoid finding yourself no longer able to see them in painting after six small months, a crush is essential. We do not change alliances, it’s like that. Then, who says duration says quality. And here we strongly recommend forged custom alliances because this seamless manufacturing technique can greatly increase the strength and density of the rings.

2. Anticipate

Do not wake up one morning after you have scratched all the preparations of your wedding-list by thinking of it as the fifth wheel of the coach … You would be in trouble. Did you know that custom-made forged wedding rings took about a month to complete? Just make it, add to that the time it takes to set your sights on the models that make you vibrate, you and your half, and you have a little idea of ​​the time to plan to embark on the epic. Of course, the best for good, well-organized students is to order them 3 or 4 months before D-Day.

In this regard, think of the place and / or people to whom you will entrust your precious before you finally pass the finger. Your witnesses? Dad mom? For heads-up, in a safe at the bank until the very last moment perhaps the safest option…

3. Go to shop

The web is cool and super convenient; it is also the top for scouting. But nothing likes a fitting in the rules of the art in jewelry. Already because it’s a moment of anthology. Intimate, romantic, unique, one of those you will remember for a long time. And because the conditions of a crush are there. It’s beautiful, it shines, and we can test many beautiful models and be finely advised by experts. The ideal to calmly elect the wedding ring sets for his and her that will make you a husband!

4. Take your engagement ring with you

No obligation to match wedding ring and engagement ring (the juxtaposition of two colors of gold can sometimes even be very successful). The important thing is to have a beautiful harmony. Especially since many brides of fees choose to wear them together heart side, on their left ring finger. So embark your engagement ring to try them together and see the effect.

5. Think about style & lifestyle

Assorted or mismatched? White, yellow, pink or platinum gold? There are as many answers as there are tastes. Enjoy yourself first. A little board enlightened to draw the right width of ring: it must be proportional to that of your fingers. So for very thin hands, a slender model will be the most salient. Do not forget to take into account your daily life: your hands are your working tool? Make a cross on delicate wedding rings and rings set with diamonds.

6. Do not underestimate the importance of the time of the year

Choosing one’s wedding rings during a heat wave or during the cold season changes the deal. When you measure the size of your finger, the heat can make it swell up to create a gap of a size between summer and winter! Be careful not to be fooled. Know also that the ideal alliance, once in place, should not squeeze your finger but pass with difficulty the joint of the phalanx.

7. Consider your skin tone

Your heart swings between pink gold and yellow gold? It’s your skin color that will allow you to slice. The first is very good on light skin; the second will be the most beautiful effect on a matte complexion. White gold or platinum are suitable for the greatest number of intermediate skins. A little warning when you go on a tan that can make you makes bad mistakes.

8. Bet on the natural

You are melting for white gold? Prefer palladium gold to rhodium gold. Explanations express: gold is, by nature, yellow. Rhodium white gold owes its white color to a surface treatment, rhodium, which fades over time and must be renewed every year to regain its beautiful luster. Palladium white gold, on the other hand, is naturally due to its alloy. Its color remains eternally intact, hence its elegant nickname “intense white gold”.

9. Say yes to customization

What makes an alliance perfectly unique is its finish: it is sometimes polished for a shiny appearance, sometimes brushed for a matte finish, and engraving. This process is completely personal and that is precisely what makes it so beautiful. Let your imagination speak with symbols (heart, infinite sign …), a typography in your image and / or sweet little words.

10. Do not forget our dear planet

Last but not least. You would not want to taint the purity of your love with a prejudicial choice to the world around you? Trust Midwest jewelry that certifies ethical alliances, respectful of the environment and the work of women and men. An even stronger symbol!

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Daniyal Abbasi is a professional writer who has written hundreds of articles on different topics. Daniyal was born on December 16 1980. He had done his MBA with specialization in human resource management. After his education he considered writing professionally. He started his writing career while taking participation in an essay writing competition. After that he never stopped and now he is well known by his amazing writing skills.


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