Employee Monitoring App

With the increase in the ease of internationalization for businesses and the profitability that comes with it, more and more companies are now looking at expanding their businesses. That means more offices, more employees, and more manageable to keep everything in control. In such a system of employee-based businesses, these employees must be checked throughout their working hours. The competition is tough, and the need for high performance greater than ever. in such a situation, business employers can’t afford their employees to waste their time, and have low performance.

The Solution:

The only way to make sure that your employees are always focusing on their work and are not indulging in any time-wasting activities is the use of employee monitoring software. Ogymogy is one of the best employees monitoring software out there. What distinguishes Ogymogy from other such software is the fact its customers are its utmost priority. Ogymogy makes sure that it has all the employee monitoring features, with the most ease to use them, providing the most reliable information. The following are some of the features of Ogymogy that will enable you to actively check the activities of your employees in working hours.

Live Screen Recording:

The live screen recording feature of Ogymogy enables you to have an all in one screen recording of your employees. This enables you to see everything your employees are doing on their mobiles. Are they doing their work? Are they indulging in time-wasting activities? Are they playing games instead of doing their work? And are they interacting with a suspicious competitor company? gone are the days when such questions would steal a good night’s sleep from employees. With Ogymogy’s live screen recording feature, you can get the answer to all these questions instantly.

Social Media Tracker:

Research shows that employees waste their time at work the most by spending time on social media websites. That is why Ogymogy has a special social media tracking feature that enables employers to see the social media activity of his employees to make sure that they are not wasting time on social media. This includes any social media activity, any status upload, any chatting on messenger, or any posts likes or sharing. Any social media activity by your employees in the working hours comes straight to your phone.

Online Browsing History:

Another prevalent feature of smartphones and the internet that has been found to keep employees away from their work is online browsing. From online games to YouTube browsing, these are such addictive activities that cage their users into an eternal loop where they follow one thing after another and waste a lot of their time in the working hours. By providing you all the details about online browsing and its history, the online browsing feature of Ogymogy ensures that whatever your employees are doing is within your knowledge. This is to make it easier for you to find the employees who are neglecting their work so that you can remedy the situation.

Call Recorder and Message Tracker:

Lastly, a lot of employees tend to take their working hours as a time to indulge in long calls and lengthy text message conversations with their friends and family. The call recorder feature of Ogymogy makes sure that you are always in the know about the information that your employees are sharing with other people, any business secrets that they may be revealing can be caught before the damage is done. You can also track if your employees are wasting time on any extra calls during working hours.

The message tracker feature enables you to always have a sight into who and what your employees are talking to and sharing with respectively. This feature is greatly useful in finding if any employee is wasting his time on text messages and long, time-consuming conversations during working hours, hence enabling you to actively keep an eye on them.

Employee Management Made Easy:

These features of the Ogymogy app are ensured to make managing your employees much easier for you. A single click of a button could now lead you to all the information necessary for keeping an eye on the activities of your employees during working hours. So, like hundreds of other business employers, you also want to make employee management easier for you, order your app now.


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