Nowadays, it is practically impossible to conceive the world without the web, without the digital. That is why it is increasingly important to devote the necessary attention to SEO.

In order to achieve that the objectives of a company or a brand can have a digital presence, it is essential to have a strategy that helps it to position itself in the top positions of Google.

While there are several elements that we must take into account to improve SEO, the SERPS’s are those that seem the most “harmless” but that have a great importance.

The importance of SERPs in SEO

Here’s how the importance of SERPs have been explained by Rochester NY SEO company. When you start with a client the way to improve their performance on the web and take it to new horizons – potential customers – in the world of Google, it is important to show that the investment you are making is truly having an effect. It is to demonstrate that the investment that companies invest in SEO is proving profitable.

Ok, ok! If we want to show the client that our SEO work is the best, but I will begin by answering the following question: what are SERPs? By definition and by its acronym in English, we can understand it as the page on which the search results are displayed .

The first places in the ranking are those that will allow us to expand the number of potential customers, considerably. Different studies show that, today, being among the top ten SERPs, you can expect an increase of at least 33% of the clicks that these searches have made.

On the other hand, there are also studies that prove that the pages that are between the first and the third position can get to receive more than 75% of the total traffic .

However, with the passage of time, Google has been considerably expanding its possibilities. In this way, we should no longer talk only about the 10 blue links. Today, we can also talk about other and different contents that are present in the SERPs and that deserve our attention .

To improve users’ experiences, Google used data specific to them, in order to generate a greater level of understanding about their searches and their interests.

Only a year later came what was known as personalized search. But he would not stay there. With the passage of time, Google understood that not all searches are the same. It was then that he considered the importance of adding the different interpretations to the SERPs.

This last element should be taken into consideration when thinking about an SEO strategy. The same thing has to do with the fact that it is no longer so simple to move from one number to the other, but rather that the positions vary depending on the searches and interpretation opportunities.

Understanding the performance and progress that the SERPs have had is fundamental when thinking about any SEO strategy.


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