Seven Ways to Keep Your Home Clean

A neat, clean and impeccable home is the dream of many, but people fail to have one because of the habit of leaving things unattended. Following the everyday clean-up pattern can allow you more time on your weekends for some fun plans and outings. So why leave everything for a Sunday afternoon? Gear up your cleaning routine on an everyday basis and save yourselves from scrubbing and mopping on a bright Sunday afternoon. So here are a few cleaning tips that you need to follow every day to own a clean house.

Start with your bed

The very first thing that you should do once you wake up is making your bed. Yes, the cleaning chore starts from your bed, make it a habit of organizing your beds once you get down from it and make your children practice the same. It hardly takes five minutes, yet we have a habit of neglecting this part. So get rid of delaying things and start with this simple task of cleaning your beds.

The use and put back hack

We have a nasty habit of using things and not keeping it back to their respective places. I hope you will agree to this fact, right? This is something that we should eliminate from our lives and start following the rule of using and placing it in the right place. This will lessen down the cleaning chores and will also save you from the crannies of hunting things when you need to use them. Also, involve your whole family practicing the same format so that it lessens down the burden on your shoulders.


Decluttering is the essence of cleaning. Organizing and cleaning goes hand in hand and so does decluttering. We may have piled up things over the years, and we refrain ourselves from clearing it up. So overcome all the reasons that are stopping you from getting rid of the unnecessary stuff, and remove them to have some extra space and clean looking rooms. You can also arrange pen drawers under the table and have a waste bin system where you can put all the needless stuff. Decluttering also reduces down the chore of cleaning and makes things easier for you to tidy up your home.

Priority tags

Prioritizing your cleaning chores is also a helpful hack to have a spick and span home. You can start by making a list and then further assign them a priority number to begin with the cleaning chores. This will give wings to your cleaning goals and help you to have a list in front of you which needs to be catered with a prime concern. Writing out lists can be annoying but making it a practice can help you overcome your cleaning chores with a pinch of smartness.



Dishwashing is another big mountain which lines themselves up every morning every night. The continuous popping up of utensils also gives the person responsible for the dish cleaning a chance to put it for tomorrow. But as we all know tomorrow never comes, start it today. One of the time-saving hacks that you can use for dishwashing are mornings. When you head towards your kitchen for making a brewing cup of coffee, you can put it on the stove and spare yourselves for some cleaning task, if not entirely, but you can go halfway through your dish cleaning task Another trend that you can practice for the same is to wash your dishes after every meal. This way you will save yourselves from sighting a heap of utensils in front of you, and it will be easier for you to get over your kitchen cleaning task. Also make sure that not just your utensils, but your counters, faucets, and sinks are also given equal attention if you want to make them explicit a clean and sparkling shine.



Laundry is another task that comes with a tag ‘do it tomorrow’ or ‘do it on a Sunday,’ but you can save your Sundays for some fun time if you plan to do your laundry daily. You can take out the laundry for the day in the mornings and toss it into the washing machines and can use the same time for doing other tasks till your washing machine buzzes and notifies you that it’s done. This way not only can you save yourselves from sighing a big heap of laundry being collected in the laundry bags but will also help you to have a clean and organized home.

Power Cleaning

Power Cleaning is an exciting and interesting cleaning task to adopt. You can put on music for fifteen minutes and engage every member for just 15 minutes to clean up your home. You can get your kids involved in picking up their toys and other stuff and putting it back to place and retain yourself for cleaning errands that may keep you bugged off for the day. This way you can have a quick cleaning job done with everybody’s involvement.

So we hope that using these hacks you will be able to conquer the mess and Hodge-podge of your home. Adopt these easy strategies to look forward to a happy and clean looking house spreading sunshine and positivity vibes.



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