It would be a complete justice if we say that the simpler the life, the more comfortable is the experience. Okay, but how?

One cannot deny the fact that things get worse when we make them complicated and convoluted for ourselves. This piece of content is a complete picture of how simplicity can prove to be an absolute source of comfort in one’s life.

Happiness is everywhere.

The happiness is often wrongly portrayed by our society and ironically, there are some standards for the so-called happiness that we as a society, set for ourselves.

Here’s my take on “simplicity”, Each and every one of us try and find the simplest ways to solve any equation of life, be it a choice as easy as what to cook for a dinner or a huge question mark on the decision of making a career change in life, we all try to get the simplest solution, Right? Then why not find happiness in the simplest of the situations?

Yes, of course, you can! By limiting your unwanted luxuries to please your soul and starting to find the pleasure in the little things like helping a poor or feeding him a meal, a romantic walk with the one you love to your destination, a little bit of family time with your parents and siblings, having a date with your spouse on the roof-top of your house with no one else around and the moon peeping you with love may let you have all the bliss of the heaven in your mind…

Wonders of nature

Nature itself is the biggest source of learning how simple things may touch your minds in a positive way and bring out that optimistic energy that lies within you.

Although the marvels of nature seem to be quite complicated if we look closely to the minutiae of this nature we would find that how simple and beautiful is it.

The extremely fascinating scene of the twilight is impossible to compete with in terms of bringing out those marveling vibes from a person and sprinkling the showers of sincere pleasure and comfort that soothes your soul and let you feel at an absolute ease.

Trust me, from the dawn rising and spreading the fresh breeze of the air, early in the morning to the dusk and the beautiful view of the sunset, all the wonders of twilight by nature are better than any mind-therapy treatments. Hang on there! Why don’t you avail the Thomas Cook voucher codes and visit your favorite destination to witness more beautiful scenes of nature? The idea is worth the experience.

Less is more

Happiness is basically a flower that blooms naturally in the garden of your heart making you feel comfortable and determined. It is highly possible that anything or any kind of specific feeling which makes you happy right now may be an affliction in disguise.

Sometimes you may feel content that you just had the much-awaited supreme meal for dinner but deep down inside you are missing your friends and you don’t like that meal when they are not around.

While on the other hand, even the simply prepared French toasts or a healthy Beans Salad would provide you the inner happiness and the ultimate comfort because you had your loved one beside you on the dining table.

Materialism is a myth

You see how the simplest things may help you reach the highest level of happiness on the meter of zero to a hundred?! On the other hand, the people who are materialistic rely on the visual luxuries of life while they are absolutely a myth. How?

People are obsessed with the latest cars, branded clothesline, dream luxury homes and so what not… right? But if I say that they are just the beginning of your complicated lives and they actually are nothing but the agony wearing concealing outfit. Would you believe it? Of course, you have to!

It’s true that you may get facilitated by all these dream extravagances for now but if by chance in future, you slip them away or you are not able to afford these luxuries for any reasons, imagine what would happen? you’d be drowned to the ultimate depression just because of your habit to spend on the extravagances and you’d miss out the simplest things in life.


It is said that the happiness and the ultimate pleasure straight from the heart is something that the money can’t buy and it is absolutely true. Anything that can be bought easily in the exchange of some dollars may be a happiness or pleasure but it would be temporary and won’t last forever. One must convince himself that the simplest things in life are the actual source of comfort and true pleasures.

If you are able to feed yourself three times a day you are among the fortunate few millions of the human population in the world, learn to be thankful to the littlest of things in life that we often neglect like being able to catch the glitters of nature and witness the true beautiful colors of the world because we have eyesight. Yes, a lot of people are born blind.

If we are able to hear the birds singing in the morning and the sky thundering in the rainy stormy night, we are fortunate. Some people are deaf and struggle to understand what does the word “sound” mean. Similarly, if we are able to eat, drink, digest, walk and even just breathe on our own we are among the flower children of the Almighty because he blessed us so much.

Learn to appreciate the simple things in life and build your own happiness in the natural possessions, help others and feel contented for all the materialistic luxuries would eventually vanish one day.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction.” — E. F. Schumacker



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