In today’s always-in-the-rush world, spas and beauty salons are considered as sanctuaries for relaxation and pampering oneself after days of hard work. Consumers want and expect comfort, convenience and thus, are drawn to those stores who can keep up with today’s trends as well as think ahead of the curve. Staying on top of trends in any industry is vital to beat the competition and offer the best possible service for clientele. Moreover, just like any other industry in the world, the trends in the spas and beauty salons market are constantly changing. Thus, the best way to stay updated is doing tons of market research.

According to a research firm, Allied Market Research, the changing consumer perception toward personal care coupled with a desire to look and feel good have driven the growth of the global spas market. Knowing what clients want may kick-start your business, however, it may not help you grow your venture. Thus, adapting yourself with the current trends and foreseeing the market fluctuation are be the key to success. So, here are the top trends that are glimmering in the spas and beauty salons industry.

1- Networking, networking, and networking.

Here’s the thing. Social networking is going to affect your business whether you like it or not. Social media posts on Facebook and Instagram impact product purchase. Thus, invest more on hiring a professional photographer to catch an eye of internet surfers. Recently, few HDR-quality photos have become a perfect marketing tool to show off the talents of the service providers. Furthermore, several beauty salon owners click selfies with their customers to boost revenue and improve the relationship with clientele.

2- Herbal products

The “go organic” euphoria is here to stay. Thanks to the internet, customers now have unrestrained access to information than ever before. There are thousands of research papers, sites, and blogs dedicated to promoting the benefits of using chemical-free beauty products. Thus, it is better that you switch to organic or herbal products and make it your marketing strategy. Yes, it would be a costly gamble, but customers are willing to pay more to protect their health and wellness and opt for herbal beauty products.

3- Chatbots and virtual assistants

It is high time that you get acquainted with the technology of virtual assistants and chatbots. From Mastercard to Starbucks, several big businesses have opted for chatbots that can interact with customers via chat interfaces including text messages and Facebook Messenger. These bots can perform a variety of tasks from answering customer questions to purchasing retail and scheduling appointment. Thus, chatbots are most likely to become the next big things in every business, as people tend to use messenger apps more than social networking tools.

4- NFC payments

From online booking to scheduling appointment, mobile devices have been seamlessly making its way into every business in the world. Online payment is the must-needed step in spas and beauty industry. Recently, various companies such as Apple and Google have launched their near field communication-enabled (NFC-enabled) payment methods that allow contactless payments at the credit card terminal. In addition, NFC-enabled payments are more secure, faster, and convenient for customers. Thus, in today’s world, an upgrade to the NFC-enabled reader has become inevitable.

5- Don’t forget to include men

Spas and beauty salons are no longer an all-girls industry. In recent years, the industry has seen a huge boost in men grooming. In fact, men perceive these services as pleasurable and are willing to spend a few bucks for these. Men head to the spa to relax, get a manicure, stop or slow the aging process, and for many other reasons. Now than ever, they are paying attention to their looks and becoming more experimental with their hairstyles. Though your biggest revenue contributors are women, never forget to provide special spa and beauty services for men.

Being an owner of a spa or salon is the most unique opportunity to provide clients a soothing, enjoyable, and memorable experience. Thus, when you are mapping out strategies to expand your business, ask yourself how you can take advantage of the recent technological advancements and whether you are catering to the right consumer base or not. In addition, you can opt for some simple marketing strategies such as couples discount to attract more crowd in front of your store. However, knowing the audience will remain the most effective mantra in this industry for sure.


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