Smart Metabolic’s Ozone Elixir Therapy

With the rise in lifestyle diseases, people are catching onto diseases from an early age. Issues such as diabetes, thyroid, obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular problems are becoming so commonplace that the future picture looks morbid! In times like these, the need of the hour is to have a revolution in the healthcare sector which not just treats a problem but removes it from the very root.

Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre is the answer to these ever-increasing health problems. Their motto is to provide revolutionary healthcare in India so that people won’t have to go to doctors as often.

While the centre in Saket offers myriad of services and treatments, its ‘Ozone Elixir Therapy’ is the latest breakthrough in healthcare. The treatment uses pure, unadulterated Ozone to remedy urban disorders. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Let’s dive deeper into the details for a better understanding of what the technique does and what are its benefits.

Ozone is a natural anti-oxidant that can activate cellular metabolism in your body and can adjust your body’s immune systems to strengthen it. Smart Metabolic’s Ozone Elixir therapy is designed to fight diseases, provide symptomatic relief, and magnify the effect of functional and beauty therapies.


Oral Ozone Elixir Therapy


The Oral Ozone Elixir Therapy can be administered orally by topical application, inhalation or can be injected in the rectal or ear region to dramatically reduce the signs of certain conditions providing immediate, soothing relief. It can be used for overall health, aesthetic purposes and pain management.


Remedies Offered by the Ozone Therapy


• It detoxifies and cleanses your gut
• It cures and reduces common cold, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis
• It can reduce chronic fatigue
• It can reduce colon inflammation
• It activates your immune system
• It controls symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• It reduces the inflammation of peptic ulcers
• It helps in controlling auto-immune disorders
• It fights seasonal allergies
• It helps in controlling symptomatic signs of diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis and liver-related disorders


Stay Stress-Free with Ozone Therapy


Stay Stress-Free with Ozone Therapy

In addition to providing relief from various diseases and disorders, the Ozone Elixir therapy also helps in correction of signs of stress and age from your face. Some of the aesthetics that can be corrected with the help of the Ozone therapy are:

• It helps in smoothening wrinkles and fine lines
• It gives a glow and lift to the face
• It banishes wrinkles and acne
• It encourages hair growth, giving you fuller, thicker and more even growth
• It also assists in inch loss, wherein you can lose up to two dress sizes instantly


Say Goodbye to Pain


Along with providing relief from lifestyle diseases and correcting your facial aesthetics, the Ozone Elixir therapy can also provide you relief from pain. Its pain management can help with the remedy of the following:

• It helps in post-injury rehabilitation and pain management
• It also provides complete body rejuvenation and detoxification, thus alleviating stiffness of joints and back pain
• It helps in curing conditions like Sciatica, Neuralgia chronic pain
• It is used for Ozone Acupuncture
• It helps in reducing the symptoms of psoriasis

To conclude, Smart Metabolic Centre’s Ozone Elixir Therapy provides a holistic treatment for varied problems and pains in the body, thus leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Now your body can grow older, but it doesn’t have to age.


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