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When you decide to invest in quality turf, the main challenge for you would be to identify the best one that fits into your garden. The main worry for most people is where to start when they choose lawn turf. The key is to choose something that will stand withstand the test of time. You should choose something that offers the best quality. As you read this post, you will learn about the best ways you can identify quality turf for your lawn.

In Atlanta, it is a rising trend for most homeowners to invest in the finest quality turf for their property. Hence, the demand for sod farms in Atlanta is a never-ending one. If you are planning to invest in quality turf, you have to watch out for some important qualities. You need to pay attention to some important details of the turf. Just know that price is not always the key indicator of quality but the appearance also matters, and so does the smell.

Here are some important things you should consider about quality turf when buying.

The Identification Process

To identify the turf, you need to ask yourself some important questions. These include whether it was top rated independently, and tested seed was in use to produce the turf. You should consider whether it was neatly stacked or not, well presented and cut consistently. Look at the edges of the rolls, whether they are ragged or sharp. Do the pieces have tears or holes? Consider whether it is mowed neatly, rich in green color, or dense. It should also be free from any sort of broadleaf weeds.

Consider the Freshness

To know whether the quality is right, you should identify this with the smell. If it smells earthy and wholesome, this means it is just right. If there is any whiff of sourness, mold, or decay, it is no longer suitable and has low quality. Before you buy from Atlanta Sod Farms, you should always check this quality first before you decide to lay it.

The Weight

In terms of the weight, the roll of turf is not an indication of the quality. When you contact the right sellers or someone who lays turf every day, you will learn that a poor quality one is prone to back pain and neck pain, and size doesn’t matter actually. Heavy turf is quite difficult to handle, it will take more effort to maneuver, and laying it will be a problem. This will also require setting it slowly; working fast will only deteriorate the quality.

The Seed

Furthermore, matters is the quality of the seed from which you got the turf you plan to buy. The way to determine the type of seed used is to ask the producer. To stack the turf neatly, you should harvest it carefully to ensure it has a uniform thickness. The thickness of the turf is important for rapid establishment once laid. If the turf roll has 6mm greater layer of soil, it will root slowly than fewer ones. In addition, soil layer less than 3mm will dry out at the time of transportation and this will require greater amounts of water when laid. Harvesting the turf depends on several factors, including the harvest age, the skill of the operators, the texture of the turf farm, and the art of growing the turf.

The Color

Color for most people is a personal preference. There are several shades of green and each one of them has its own distinctive touch. However, if the turf you plan to buy is yellow-green, this is definitely a NO. Yellow to brown grass will never grow. The turf has to appear green. It should have a yellowy green touch and smell fresh. If it has a bad stink, it means the turd is not likely to survive. The best choice is to choose deep green or lush green turf because it will shine or shimmer in the sun.

Should the Turf Be Old?

Just keep in mind that the older the turf is, the better it will perform. Young root turfs, deeper and faster will require less care to establish. In addition, older mature turf will establish slowly and it is highly susceptible to increase the chances of any diseases. The ideal age of the turf will install and harvesting it will be easier. On the other hand, root and establishing is an average of about 12 months. In general, old enough turf will need quick installation. Reliable sod farms in Atlanta will produce the best quality ones to ensure it meets both criteria.

The Appearance When Unrolled

Just know that the appearance of the turf should be excellent. The rollout quality matters and the producer’s reputation as well as matters. The appearance when the customer unrolls it first is important. To ensure that the roll out quality appears the best, prior to harvest, the producers should mow it.

Just keep in mind that good quality turf should have the right amount of soil. Whatever questions you have in mind, you should inspect the turf and check for any problems. If you are not happy with the good quality, you should discuss it with the supplier before collection.


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