We all know that applique is a great way to enhance the design of a plain cloth by stitching any object including flowers and stars. Be it a t-shirt, bags, or caps, with applique you could easily make it more stylish without any hassle.

No matter you want to fresh up the style of a simple cloth or you want to turn old clothes more attractive, with applique you can decorate your garments easily and quickly.

Here are sure shot ways to applique different shapes and pattern on your desire apparel.

Wash & Iron Your Cloth

The very first thing that you will need to do is to properly wash and iron all of your fabric that you will use in the applique process. This includes the clothes in which you will make applique as well as the fabric you will need to make your garments more attractive.

Make sure to go through the washing process first, and then iron it nicely to remove all wrinkles on your fabric. In case you are using a non-washable material like felt or silk then you could start your applique process without washing or ironing.

Select & Create Your Design

Once you wash and iron your clothes nicely then kick off design session on a sheet of paper. For this, you can consume sufficient time to make sketches that will fit with your cloth. In addition, you can use the power of the internet to print readymade design. Nowadays anyone could easily get Applique Quote or design through internet.

Make sure to use simple designs as it works the best for applique. If this is your first time then you must select a simple design. Keep in mind to use a thick paper, like cardstock to easily draw your design.

Kick Off the Tracing

In order to start the tracing process you will need to cut the design out which you want to applique.  Ensure to use a fabric pen or pencil to reduce the chances of ink leakage on your chosen clothes. Once you mark the targets you want to trace then trace the smooth side to iron the applique on your clothes.

Put the glue on the rough side and press the iron for about 6 to 8 seconds. Cut the applique out once it is cool to touch. Apply the same process if you are planning to make multiple shapes and colorful applique.

Place the Applique

Once you cut the applique objects then start placing them on your the desired garments. There are numerous ways to do this including ironing, sewing with hand or machine. Try to choose the easiest option for you to place the decorative fabric.

For ironing the applique, you will have to cover the applique object with an ironing cloth, and then press it for 10 to 12 seconds. You can also sew around the applique with a sewing machine. If you engage in the applique session first time then you must use a simple straight stitch. Use a good combination of the thread colors to make your applique more attractive.

Cut Off the Excess Threads

After placing applique on your chosen cloth ensure to trim all the excess threads that are attached around it. If you want to add more layers then you could repeat the same process multiple times. Make sure to place each layer separately with the matching colors threads.

In the end, it could be stated now that the above approaches are best for people who want to place applique perfectly on their desire garment. Share this worthy information with your network to enhance their knowledge and creative skills.


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