We are in an everyday hurry which leads us exposing ourselves to pollution, dirt and bad sunlight. Travel is not just about long, distant travelling, it can be your everyday routine from home to work and vice versa. In that case, it is quite convenient to carry a travel kit that suits your skin type. Carrying a skin care kit with you not only helps you take care of your skin but always keep you away from varied skin problems. But, since there are different skin types for different people, here is a curated overview of different travel kits for your skin type. Be it normal, dry or oily skin, these kits can be your saviour.

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  • Travel kit for oily skin

Oily skin can be really pain at times. You feel sticky and, of course, oily. It is apparently noticed that oily skin attracts dirt more than normal or dry skin. According to that, some of the most important products in an oily skin travel kit are: cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer. The cleanser will help you keep the access oil away, toner will deliver a nice radiant skin with polished touch with the serum. If you are wondering about the right products to choose from, you can get your hands on the NIVEA 3-in-1 Foam Cleanser which is defined to decrease oil, mattify sparkle, refine pores and forestall pimples and whiteheads. Toner that traps ecological toxins at the skin’s surface and keeps them from stopping up your pores. A decent toner must adjust your skin and oversee abundance oil. Despite the fact that your skin is sleek, you should not skip cream as your skin really creates significantly more oil when it is got dried out. Utilize a slick skin well-disposed cream intended to anticipate skin bothering and direct sebum creation. With your skin type, covering is essential to guarantee your pores are free from soil. Utilize a strip off cover that decontaminates and illuminate risky skin.

  • Travel Kit for Normal Skin

People with normal skin are the lucky ones. Their skin is not too dry nor too oily. Just the right nutrition and care can get you perfect, flawless skin. So, to make an accurate travel kit for normal skin, we must have a nice serum, a good moisturizer and last but not the least, facial cleanser. Here is a help for you to extract the best products for your skin. Apart from continuing the regular skin care routine at home, you must carry all the essentials that helps you through the day. Clean all the dust particles and dirt from the pollutants with grime of the day with L’Oreal Paris Age 20+ Skin Perfect Facial Foam a delicate recipe that leaves your skin dewy and delicate. At that point include an increase in dampness alongside sun security with L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence SPF 50. This light watery substance is immediately ingested and is injected with SPF 30 UVB and UVA channels for enduring sun security for up to 12 hours. Each couple of days—particularly in case you’re on an outdoorsy vacay—to cleanse your skin of surface bluntness with the Plum Chamomile and White Tea Glow – Getter Face Mask that contains five hyper-cell reinforcement leaf extricates that profound purge, shed and feed. At last, convey along Fabindia Refreshing and Hydrating Rose Facial Water, a 100% plant based, hostile to bacterial splash to hydrate and revives skin.

  • Travel kit for dry skin

Having dry skin is one big fallout. Through your daily routine, you might just end up with dry, chapped skin, pigments and dark spots. To avoid the clumsy, it is very important to make sure that you have all the requirements to hydrate your skin properly. To execute the cleaning and unrationing accurately, you must begin your routine with a delicate chemical like Eucerin’s Dermato Clean Mild Cleansing Milk that tenderly scrubs dry and touchy skin while expelling make-up. It keeps skin hydrated because of included hyaluronic corrosive. Next, condition your skin so it is prepared to get all the hydration from your lotion with FRESH’s natural Floral or fruit Toner. The recipe is sans liquor to avert dryness or disturbing, and its imbued with the hydrating forces of rose that keeps skin saturated for up to 24 hours. At that point slather on some NIVEA Crème, rich and super pocket-accommodating lotion that is viewed as a hoodwink for La Mer’s fundamentally pricier cream. At long last, bear in mind to cover, a critical advance for dry skin types! We cherish Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating sheet veils for dried skin, as each cover is injected with exact container of a similar serum, in a split-second ameliorating dry skin and abandoning it hydrated and secured.

Benefits of carrying a travel kit:

  • You would be free from the worry of how your skin looks as these products will make sure you are always rejuvenated
  • You will be able to take care of the skin care routine even when out in the sun
  • No more skin problems, acne, blemishes.
  • You can expose yourself to usual environment without worrying about your skin
  • You will feel good about yourself and this will boost your confidence instantly

In an everyday rush and long tiring days, it is a necessity to keep a check on what your body gets to have. When you are always active about what you are eating and feeding your body then why not be a little proactive about your skin? Since our skin also needs to have proper nutrition, carrying a skin-care travel kit becomes extremely important. Different skin types, different products, select what suits your skin the best and go for a good shop using discount coupons, cut your overall cost and still be actively nutritioning your skin. Yes, it is that easy!


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