Five Things You MUST Copyright and Five Things You CANNOT Copyright

Being a small business owner, it becomes real struggle to stay up with the competitive market. Moreover, you also need to attract new customers while maintaining the relationship with the old ones.

To ensure that the customers keep coming back, you need to set your business apart such that that the moment they think about a specific product, then your company or service’s name must pop up.

One way is to have an original idea or logo design that will leave a lasting impression in the customer’s mind. These ideas need legal protection that you can give by registering in the US copyright office. It is highly advisable that you hire a copyright lawyer for a smooth registration process.

So, what are the work pieces that you should get the protection and what you should not? Read this blog to find out more!

Five Things You MUST Copyright

  1. Printed Work

If your business possesses work like logos and designs, then you can register it with the US office. Even if you use it on the printed t-shirts, business cards, brochures or any pamphlets. Also, the script that you use in the promotion and advertisement purpose of your business needs to be copyrighted.

  1. Websites and Home Pages

Today almost every business owner has his or her website through which promoting his or her work becomes much more accessible.  From original pictures, artworks to writings and photographs – get it copyrighted.

One more important things to know if you cannot register your domain name.  Also, the writings or any work that you put upon the website is under copyrights. Similarly, the work you stored on the FTP also gets protection through copyright.

  1. Music And Sound Recordings

Another way of promoting the business right now is electronic advertising. You can have copyright to those unique and the verbal work used for the promotion. Also, if you have hired a writer to compose all the work, then it is possible for you to purchase it and own the copyrights towards the work.

Moreover, the original work also gets the protection whether it is being recorded on the vinyl tape, digital recording, or CD.

  1. Architectural Work

When it comes to the architectural work, the original design of the building that is being created in its tangible forms of expression gets the copyright mark. Additionally, you can also have the architectural models, designs; blueprints need copyright.

  1. Other Things to Copyright


  •    Dramatic works
  •    Motion pictures and audiovisuals
  •    Sculptural works
  •    Literature

So, that was about the things you MUST get the copyright if you own any.

Now Let Us Check Out The Things You CANNOT Copyright.

Other Things to Copyright

  1. Ideas, Methods, Process, or Systems

None of these can be copyrighted. According to the US copyright office, there are many things included under which comes building things, scientific discoveries and methods, technical process, business operations, mathematical formulas, algorithms and so much more.

  1. Fashion

Fashion is not protected under copyright. It includes shirts, dresses and all such of clothing. However, it is possible for you to copyright the fabric pattern.

  1. Names, Titles, or Short Phrases

Names, quirky slogans, or short phrases that describe your services or the products cannot be copyrighted. However, you can get them trademarked and prevent the third party from using it.

  1. Common Information

There is information that does not have any authorship. For instance, the calendar, weight and height charts, rulers, and other such things like lists taken from the documents. Phrases like “Apple is a fruit” cannot be copyrighted.

  1. Choreographic Work

One cannot copyright a choreographic work unless it is videotaped. The same rule applies to the speeches too.

It is very crucial to understand the value of your work and protect it from others using it. However, if you are confused about identifying what to get a copyright, then the blog as mentioned above has everything that will clear your confusion.  



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