Things You Should Always Consider When Opting For A Tungsten Wedding Ring

The history associated with wedding rings comes from an era thousands of years prior today. This tradition is said to have originated in ancient Egypt. With time, this particular custom passed on from generations expanding the geographical reach. Today, wedding rings are associated with a physical manifestation of emotions, love, and commitment to each other as a couple.

The fascination of materials used for wedding rings has evolved with time regarding affordability and trendy elements. From a market that was all about diamonds and gold, we have entered the era of titanium and tungsten that house a rather modern look with a dash of style that doesn’t fade away with time. Before you go out for a shopping trip to the local jeweler, here are some things you need to consider.


Sizing is the most crucial element when going out to purchase tungsten wedding rings for men. Before you opt to purchase a ring, make sure you map out the size of your finger onto which the ring shall be placed. This is especially true if you need a custom-built tungsten ring for your wedding. Make sure you give the right size or get to the jeweler to have your finger size measured if you are confused and not sure of your measuring skills.

Tungsten tends to be very sturdy which is hard to reshape or correct the size once the molding is done. So make sure you get yourself the perfect customized size or else it will be your money and time wasted as you would require an entirely new ring constructed for your wedding ceremony.


Before you go ahead and purchase a tungsten wedding ring, you need to consider the fact that the overall appearance it showcases matters as well. Many jewelers make a claim that the tungsten rings offered by them are processed with the help of nickel. However, this might not be true for several cases where the actual processing have been done with the help of cobalt. When this cobalt comes in close contact with human skin, it tends to change the color of the ring with time.

This creates a rather dusty and ragged look. If you want a long-lasting shine for your wedding ring made out of tungsten, make sure you look for the rings that are crafted with the help of nickel as opposed to cobalt. Major indicators that can help you judge whether cobalt has been used is the price factorial. If it is a low priced ring when compared to the market standards, you can be sure that it is crafted from cobalt rather than nickel.


The plus point of opting for tungsten wedding rings is the fact that they have an extremely low quotient when it comes to allergies. This is because tungsten rings aren’t generally mixed with any other metal to make it sturdy. The tungsten carbide is sturdy on its own which is why it is one of the safest options when it comes to refraining from rings that might cause allergies. When wearing varieties of these rings such as the rose gold tungsten ring, you can easily be assured that your fingers won’t suffer from any rash, itching, or redness on the skin from wearing the same for a longer period.

4-Denting or scratches

Always remember the fact that tungsten rings are popular because of its high resistance to scratches or dents. The thing that you need to understand here is that your wedding ring might not bend or get scratched easily given the hardness of the tungsten carbide. But a strong force with any tough surface can cause a crack or shattering of the ring due to its brittleness. However, you need not worry about the same as such strong force occurring naturally is a rare event.



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