Japan is one of the most beautiful countries for thousands of tourists from all over the world and from the far reaches of the earth, especially as it lies in a remote region, the far east of Asia. In this article of femininity, we know you the best time to visit Japan, where you can enjoy your trip and get to know the most beautiful features, and see the most beautiful landscapes.

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons on Japan, where trees begin to bloom with the formation of small flowers on their branches, turning them into a wonderful painting created by the hand of the Creator. And then the weather becomes warmer and tourists can travel freely all over the country, and head to the mountains and the countryside where these areas are the most attractive to tourists in this chapter. The period of tourism at this time of the year, between the end of April and early May, where nature wears the most beautiful colors and flowers begin to grow in orchards and fields, and trees turn into a wonderful palette of colors intertwined.

Another season is one of the best times of the year to go to Japan and enjoy a wonderful tourist trip, which is the autumn. Here we talk about the period between September and November, where the nature of this country wears Autumn suit, and turns from bright colors to the dark colors that herald the coming of winter, trees become dark orange or yellow, while turning some of the features in color Brown, due to loss of flowers. Despite nature’s loss of life, Japan is turning into a wonderful natural painting with a different design.

In this period of the year, the harvest season is abundant, and tourists enjoy watching the people of the countryside harvest their crops, so tourists can participate in many of the traditional folk festivals in this Asian country.

Your Trip To Japan Is Incomplete Without These Activities

Local Sushi


In all countries of the world, Japanese food has spread widely, and everyone tastes it and some of them love it very much. But whatever the spread of Japanese food, especially sushi, it will not be the same delicious taste as when you eat it from the country of origin. So if you go to Japan, you must taste the local sushi.

Cherry Blossoms In Spring

Japan is famous in the spring with cherry blossoms, which form a natural painting that fascinates the beholder. If you go to Japan during the spring, you can not leave without seeing this natural painting of cherry blossoms around Tokyo.

Visit The Largest Fish Markets

By visiting this market, you will learn about the lifestyle, style and customs of the Japanese. You will also learn about Japanese fish, which may seem strange to you. It is also an important opportunity to know the source of fish from which sushi is brought. When you visit this market, you will inevitably realize how much Japanese love seafood, especially fish.

Visit The Ancient Temples Of Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of the samurai, this invincible secret strong warrior, rich in religious monuments, and temples scattered all over. So when you go to Japan to visit the ancient temples to know the lives of its inhabitants and the most popular belief in the country.

Kyoto Imperial Palace


As his name suggests, is the imperial palace that Kyoto embraced for a thousand years. This magnificent building is designed in a rectangular shape, 450 meters long, and its width reaches 250 meters. This palace has six doors, surrounded by a wall known as Tsuiji land. Is an important destination for tourists in the form of information and secrets from that era.

Kyoto Tower

Is the tallest building in the Japanese city of Kyoto, with a maximum height of 131 meters. It is designed in the form of a candle, with the aim of showing it as a white candle. While those who see it can be like a high lighthouse, and it is said to have been designed to illuminate the city of Kyoto itself, as the towers of this tower can see the whole city from the highest point in it.

Nigo Castle


This historical and archaeological castle in Kyoto is one of the most important castles built, as it was used as a residence for the royal family or its companions. Like the Imperial Palace, this castle is made up of many buildings, surrounded by a large fortress, and has multiple gardens within the fort.

Kinkakuji Temple

It is a historical and archaeological site in the Japanese city of Kyoto, classified as a national private location. The Kinkakuji Temple, the golden pavilion, is located on the banks of Kyokoshi pond, and its golden reflection on the pond waters is an unrivaled sight.

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